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About & Services

Chemtex USA offers custom, cost-effective services to manufacturers in the flavor and fragrance industry. Learn more about our products, services and team.

About Chemtex USA

Chemtex USA headquarters, Fairfield, NJ

At Chemtex USA, we’re interested in partnering with our customers in the flavor , fragrance , Aromatherapy , Cosmetics , Nutraceuticals        industry to create customizable, cost-effective solutions that provide maximum value while taking into account individual needs and budget.

Our products come from across the globe. We purchase only pre-qualified products, and we hold our suppliers to the highest standard. Our strategic relationships with these suppliers enable us to provide consistent quality at competitive prices.

Chemtex USA also provides delivery on short notice and handles all of the requirements of importation on behalf of our customers.

With each order we can guarantee quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Some strategic suppliers we are proud to represent include:

  • Yinghai
  • Best Value
  • Kalpsutra
  • NHU
  • Neeru
  • Camlin

Chemtex USA is a proud member of:

Chemtex USA’s Services

  • Supplying and Sourcing Synthetic & Natural Aroma Chemicals, Essential Oils, Spice Extracts, and more
  • Product Repacking
  • Product Matching & Development
  • Product testinf completle analitical data ( GCMS ) 
  • Blending, Customizable and Proprietary Ingredients
  • Door-to-Door Product Tracking
  • Importing and Exporting
  • Comprehensive Resourcing Services and Product Identification
  • Same-Day to Next-Day Delivery
  • And more…

…just because it’s not listed here doesn’t mean it’s not available. Our team of dedicated professionals offers a proactive, customer-centric approach to meeting all of your flavor and fragrance needs.

Learn more about Chemtex USA's warehousing and laboratory facilities

Learn more about Chemtex USA's warehousing and laboratory facilities

Our Team

Working with Chemtex USA means partnering directly with our executive leadership team. With over 80 years collective experience in the flavor and fragrance industry, our team offers not only a wealth of product knowledge, but a personalized commitment to customers at the highest level.


Haribabu Talasila


Hari Talasila founded Chemtex USA in 2007 after spending over 25 years of experience as a Chief Operating Officer in the flavor and fragrance industry. Hari brings this depth of knowledge, as well as an educational background in both business and chemistry, to the leadership team at Chemtex USA. Under his stewardship, the company has experienced substantial growth every year since its inception.


Peter Lepore

Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Peter Lepore has lead sales and marketing at Chemtex USA since the company’s launch in 2007. With a degree in business management and over 30 years of experience on the sales side of the flavor and fragrance industry, Peter has been key to the successful and continued growth of Chemtex USA.


Michael Henkel

Vice President of Quality Management and Technical Services

Mike Henkel leads quality management systems and product development at Chemtex USA. He joined the company in 2013, bringing with him 34 years of extensive industry experience and specialized expertise in manufacturing, blending, and quality assurance. Mike has a BS in chemistry and holds a Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence certification as well as a Quality Auditor Certification. 

Joseph Atlak

Warehouse Manager

Joeseph Atlak manages Chemtex USA's warehouse, directing all warehouse operations, including shipping, receiving, and documentation. He brings over 30 years industry experience to the Chemtex USA team and is DOT-certified in the transportation of hazardous materials. 



Ali Ahmed

Warehouse Assistant Supervisor

Ali Ahmed brings 10 years industry experience to his responsibilities of warehouse maintenance at Chemtex USA.  He specializes in hazmat documentation and is certified by the DOT in hazmat shipping and transportation.




Administration and Customer Service

Theresa Kellher brings her expertise to customer service and administration at Chemtex USA.  She is responsible for the administration of the company's purchase orders and handles all customer inquiries.