Origin: India

Industries: Culinary, Perfumery, and Aromatherapy

Uses: This oil has a spicy and wood-like, yet sweet and warm odor and flavor to it. This lends itself to being


widely used for flavoring and fragrance. In aromatherapy, it is used to promote a clear mind and a calm body,

 which can also help with arthritis.

Product Code: C4055

CAS Number: 8008-52-4

FEMA Number: 2334

Specific Gravity @ 25 C: >= 0.853 AND <= 0.878

Refractive Index @ 25 C: >= 1.452 AND <= 1.479

Optical Rotation @ 25 C: >= 8 AND <= 15

Odor: Sweet, Spicy, Warm

Color: Pale Yellow to Colorless

Appearance: Liquid